Is it against the law to kill a raccoon?


A raccoon or raccoon (as spelled by many people) is a medium-sized omnivorous nocturnal mammalian found in North America and belongs to a family of Procyonidae with a body length of 40-70 cm with an average body weight of 5 to 26 Kgs. Its natural habitat is forest (both deciduous and mixed forests) but because of its amazing ability to adapt, this animal can now live in mountains, marshy and even in urban areas which have made some people see it as a pest. Raccoons carry diseases like rabies and roundworms and eat almost everything so they may prove to be a nuisance in urban areas where they might attack your small pets. But is it legal to kill a raccoon?

Conditions Allowing the Killing of Raccoon

Well, as fur-bearing animals, raccoons are protected under state-hunting laws but their killing is allowed in certain circumstances. This creature is a game animal that is hunted in a specific season (usually winter) for its fur and hunter requires proper hunting license. In some areas of American it is not unlawful to kill a raccoon while in some areas outlawed. The law allows trapping a raccoon and even killing it if it is harming your property and has been a nuisance to you. Raccoons hunt on birds and rats so they might harm your pets.
A homeowner can capture and kill a raccoon if it is living inside his house by setting a trap.It will be legal because you have to protect yourself. If this creature is trapped once, according to law, you will have to euthanize it or release it in the same area. It would be better if you hire a licensed wildlife operator or pest control operator.

Places Where Raccoon Killing is Outlawed

  • United States - Raccoons are protected by Fish and Game or Wildlife Department. In Washington D.C, the United States, killing a raccoon is banned but you can trap it using a trap like Havahart trap that will not cause any injury or harm to this animal.
  • Canada - In Toronto, Canada, trapping is allowed but an unconscious raccoon is expected to be taken to veterinary clinics although they are not accepted most of the time because they are vectors. Killing a raccoon might lead you to the charges of cruelty towards animals and even possession of a deadly weapon.

Places where Killing is Sometimes Allowed

Some US States and most Canadian States have laws that allow trapping, hunting and killing of the raccoon with a license. There are a fixed number of raccoons you can kill per day. Getting a license is obligatory before setting traps for raccoons. This hunting is allowed in a specific season and hunting or trapping raccoons are illegal when raccoons are out of season.

Places Where Killing a Raccoon is Legally Allowed

Some states do not restrict raccoon hunting but a legal permit or license is still required.
It is obligatory to refrain from harming private property and entering it without the permission of the property owner. Even if you are a licensed hunter, consider all the basic rules.


Raccoon trapping or killing may or may not be legal depending on which state of America you live in. It might be legal in some areas but most time and in most states, it is illegal. It is obligatory to obtain a permit even in the states where killing a raccoon is legal. The constitutions regarding raccoon killing or hunting vary from state to state. Try to educate yourself about the status quo of your area.

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